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The food Pete created was creative, tasty, healthy and full of variety. I really loved it! The level to which he made the food was great and ensured a very balanced diet was maintained to my training and dietary needs. It was great value for money, made life super easy and when cooking at mine, always an enjoyable experience as well as he’s such a nice and personable guy. I think if you are looking for fresh home cooked food by a pro with tons of energy, creativity and enthusiasm then you need to look no further than Pete. He’s always got my recommendation for any event, requirement, need or palette.

Vishal, London, CEO

” Would I recommend the gourmet dining experience offered by Pete? Definitely yes. “

It is a great way to spend an evening with friends. First of all the food is great as it is cooked with passion. Secondly, Pete is a great host and wonderful chef, mainly because he is very careful with everybody’s dining preferences.

Vlad, Berlin, Travel Blogger
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” Pete created an unforgettable experience that my partner and I will never forget “

and not just because the food was delicious! Walking around the Turkish market looking for fresh ingredients, watching the locals go about their shopping, and talking about what life is like whilst living in Berlin were all fun and highly interesting. Most of all, the meal itself was superb and more entertaining than any restaurant meal we’ve had during our stay in Berlin. Pete went to every length to provide my partner and myself with a vegan meal that we’d be happy with, and the results were far greater than we expected. Most enjoyable of all was when Pete joined us at the table for the meal. Whilst it’s entirely possible to just arrive and have a delicious meal on the balcony, the highlight for us was sitting together to talk about food, travel, and life as an expat. It was like having a meal with a friend, which you is the best kind of travel experience you can ask for.

Dale, UK, Travel Blogger

” It was the best meal I had while I was in Berlin “

I highly recommend everyone who’s interested in trying out BonAppetour to book a dinner with Pete. He caters both to groups and couples, also organizes cooking classes and adapts his meals to whatever dietary restriction you might have..

– Sofie, Travel and Food Blogger
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